15 March 2016

Twitter - How useful is it for the everyday Joe

"Twitter is a tool only celebrities are using and most of the posts are not even written by them."
This is a statement I often hear. And to be completely honest I believed it for a long time myself. But not anymore.
There must be something the average person can use Twitter for. So, I have started to do some research on what I can use Twitter for on a daily basis.

What You Should Know

By no means is this a complete list. It is more of an ongoing list which I am going to update every time I found something. Also, many ideas are not necessary my own but I did the research at least ;).

Top list of useful things you can do on Twitter

1. Use Twitter as a list keeping tool for useful websites
2. Use Twitter to brand yourself
3. Use Twitter for research
4. Use Twitter to communicate
5. Use Twitter as a recipe book

diggit if you like it