23 October 2009

Trick or Treat in New York

Where Do You Want to Celebrate Halloween This Year?

Here is a thought. What about New York

You would be overwhelmed when trying to find places to go
and things to do in New York during Halloween. Here is where I would go:

The Boo Zoo

This is a must for families which love a bit of adventure combined with a nice day out. Surrounded by wildlife critters, old and young can embark on a haunted safari of enjoy the wildest pumpkin-carving demonstrations.

Youngsters between 3-12 dressed up in a wildlife costume will be allowed Free entrance.

And would you want to miss New York's Village Halloween Parade?

This parade proclaims to give visitors the chance to experience an 'event that is one-of-a-kind'. I can only imagine how colorful and ecstatic it must be. This is definitively a place to go in order to experience a real U.S. American parade. The event starts in the evening at 6 pm of the 31st of October and finishes around 8:15 pm. It takes place on the 6th Avenue in Manhattan.
More than 50,000 participants are expected and over 2 million visitors.

How to get to New York?

That is easy to answer. By boat, plane or Zeppelin. Just kidding. Given the proximity of Halloween you should consider buying a plane ticket.

There are of course plenty of airlines offering trips from London to New York. Not sure if there are still some fairly prices tickets available. However, it is worth giving it a try. Many major airline offer flights on this route. Around £350 to £400 should bring you there and back. Maybe less if you are lucky.
Kind of expensive for only one weekend, though. But what a weekend that would be!

However, you could save some money when picking up your costumes. Use your imagination. I find home-made Halloween costumes are the most creative ones. There are plenty of places you can get inspiration from.

Movies, magazines, websites, wildlife or think of a political figure.

My Top 3 Halloween Costumes
Catergorized by theme

"Celebrating Swine Flu"

One of the funniest costumes I have found is this dressed up dog. Absolutely hilarious and a great choice if you take your pet along.
Accompanied and dressed up accordingly his owner of course.

(picture of dog from FrecklesCassie. Great blog guys and girls!)
(picture with mustache from Late night with Jimmy Fallon)

"In Memory Of Michael Jackson"
He was one of the greatest artists of our time and I am sure he will not mind a little bit of parody.

And finally...."W. is Gone...For Real"
...Unless he comes back from the undead...at Halloween.

By the way. The Michael Jackson picture is of Leigh Francis from one of his shows at BBC. George W. Bush's mask can be found at Forbes.com

However you are going to celebrate Halloween in the end. I hope you all will have

A Happy Scary & Halloween

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