4 November 2008

Barack Obama vs John McCain

The election is now on in the United States of America. Even though I am not a U.S. citizen and therefore not allowed to vote. I have to admit that I  do care about the outcome of this election. Mainly because it is going to have a big effect on the rest of the world. I hope that most of you out there agree that Barack Obama has the better academic qualifications to run the United States as a president. All my respect to John McCain but he will not be putting the U.S. into a better light to the rest of the world. Whatever the outcomes are. We all hope by tomorrow the U.S. and the rest of the world are one step closer to a better and friendlier future.

10 October 2008

What to wear on Halloween

For some days now I am thinking about what to wear at the Halloween party.
Finally I have an idea.
I scanned some blogs and I have decided to try and dress up like on a Halloween runway.
Found an interesting blog with loads of interesting ideas.
It is called iamfashion. Not bad at all. I really like the Venetian inspired costume from the Dior Haute Couture show.
Absolutely gorgeous.Hope I am going to find a similar cloth pretty soon.

Happy Halloween!

8 October 2008

My Luxury Spa Evening

Finally the day had arrived. My beauty evening at a luxury Spa. I am always busy, so the booking had to be for the evening, right after work. So, straight from work I went to this downtown London beauty palace. In addition to the spa itself I booked a 'body contour refining treatment' - only to pamper myself a bit!

From the outside it did not seem to be an impressive place but as soon as I entered a world of relaxation greeted me.
Several kinds of pools, whirlpools and saunas awaited me and I felt bad that I did not have more time on my hands. I did not want to loose time so I went straight into a aroma steam room and let the relaxation begin. Twenty minutes later and half baked I went to my booked appointment with the Masseuse. On the way I had the chance of trying one of the whirlpools and the sports pool.

For the next fifty minutes or so I was to experiment something unique. I was squeezed, beaten, massaged, washed, creamed, massaged and creamed again. The Masseuse was a specialist in the so called 'body contour treatment' that included stimulating massages. (ops... it is not what you think...) It was what I call 10 minutes of skin slapping. After the first pain has gone it actually feels as if you worked out. The slapping is followed by a calming massage and detox creams - and the treatment finished with a 'deep relaxing foot massage'. After that I could relax (further :) ) in the main lounge where waitresses serve fruits and drinks to the ladies relaxing on one of the comfortable sofas around a pond. The short pampering evening ended for me with a dip in the hot tub.

Just before the Spa closed I was able to drag myself home, but not before spending some more cash to fill my bags with all the promising creams and miracle mixtures. Anyways a luxury Spa evening is definitely a thing every 'queen' should treat herself from time to time. I can't wait for the next one!

2 September 2008

Pampering for Queens

I haven't been on the net for a while. But now I am back. I figured there is one necessity a Queen has.
That is a complete day of pampering. Where could this be done better then in a Spa. Far far away from every stress and trouble. I have booked a day at a spa to see how it is.
I will let you know how it was and what is a 'must have ' for Queens.

13 April 2008

Shoe shopping is my favorite sport

In fact, I think this strenuous activity should be a considered as a sport - or better, a Pentathlon.

The first discipline is sprint hurdles. One must first reach the shops - face the traffic, public transport, crowds of people on the street - without being distracted by fashion shops, phone calls, invitations and all other social commitments we have to abdicate in order to go shopping.

The second discipline is weightlifting. In other words, once we arrive to the shop we have the terrible task of holding and lifting some dozens of shoes in order to check them. This discipline is often combined with the third discipline: artistic gymnastics or ballet. After all, we must graciously put on so many pairs of beautiful shoes and step around the shop following a choreography that includes sighs, smiles and many poses in front of the mirror.

The fourth discipline is chess. We think about the best strategy of matching the pairs of shoes we pre-selected with the innumerous dresses, shirts, skirts, accessories and other fashion objects we have bought in the last months, or we think of buying in the near future. This strenuous mental activity is often met with pleasure - because the best strategy usually involves more shopping. A sidetask of this discipline is the maths involved in the credit card balance evaluation - but this task is most frequently overlooked by most athletes.

The fifth discipline is the Farmer's Walk. This Strength Athletics discipline involves racing along a course (back home) carrying a heavy weight (or a handful of bags) in each hand. A variation of this discipline is Vehicle Pull - but instead of pulling a vehicle, we must drag around our boyfriend, husband or friend while torturing him with questions and requests - but at the end of the fourth discipline, they can do the Farmer's Walk instead of us.

So, anybody up for some sport today? Remember, for this sport you do not need special clothes or running shoes. You can have your cute high heel shoes on!

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