10 October 2008

What to wear on Halloween

For some days now I am thinking about what to wear at the Halloween party.
Finally I have an idea.
I scanned some blogs and I have decided to try and dress up like on a Halloween runway.
Found an interesting blog with loads of interesting ideas.
It is called iamfashion. Not bad at all. I really like the Venetian inspired costume from the Dior Haute Couture show.
Absolutely gorgeous.Hope I am going to find a similar cloth pretty soon.

Happy Halloween!

8 October 2008

My Luxury Spa Evening

Finally the day had arrived. My beauty evening at a luxury Spa. I am always busy, so the booking had to be for the evening, right after work. So, straight from work I went to this downtown London beauty palace. In addition to the spa itself I booked a 'body contour refining treatment' - only to pamper myself a bit!

From the outside it did not seem to be an impressive place but as soon as I entered a world of relaxation greeted me.
Several kinds of pools, whirlpools and saunas awaited me and I felt bad that I did not have more time on my hands. I did not want to loose time so I went straight into a aroma steam room and let the relaxation begin. Twenty minutes later and half baked I went to my booked appointment with the Masseuse. On the way I had the chance of trying one of the whirlpools and the sports pool.

For the next fifty minutes or so I was to experiment something unique. I was squeezed, beaten, massaged, washed, creamed, massaged and creamed again. The Masseuse was a specialist in the so called 'body contour treatment' that included stimulating massages. (ops... it is not what you think...) It was what I call 10 minutes of skin slapping. After the first pain has gone it actually feels as if you worked out. The slapping is followed by a calming massage and detox creams - and the treatment finished with a 'deep relaxing foot massage'. After that I could relax (further :) ) in the main lounge where waitresses serve fruits and drinks to the ladies relaxing on one of the comfortable sofas around a pond. The short pampering evening ended for me with a dip in the hot tub.

Just before the Spa closed I was able to drag myself home, but not before spending some more cash to fill my bags with all the promising creams and miracle mixtures. Anyways a luxury Spa evening is definitely a thing every 'queen' should treat herself from time to time. I can't wait for the next one!

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