27 July 2015

Learning How to Blog

I have to make it clear that this is  probably not the best place for you to look for an perfect recipe for "How to Blog".
This is more a self-report, an observation, a collection of  hints and tips on how I try and learn how to blog properly. Most of  the paragraphs here will explain my ups and downs, happy and sad times, as well as my glorious days and my failures.


Let's start with my failures. I am sure that loads of people have them and everyone tries to deal with them in their own way. From my perspective.....I try to ignore them. 
However, I have to say that my blog/website has been a failure so far. I have started this out of curiosity and willing to learn and to be perfectly honest to try and make money. I realised pretty soon that it gets boring and frustrating putting small articles together about things you don't really want to write about. Just look at some of my posts and you will recognise that I was not even halfway in the mood to write.

Why do I Blog at all?

There's no particular reason. Or let me re-phrase. There are thousands of reasons popping in and out of my head every time I think about it. Among the most honest reasons are: improve my writing skills, create something, show my blog around (even though this reason horrifies me) and find a kind of self-healing-recreation activity. The  other reasons aren't that humble but I might mention them here as well: making money by selling ads, getting rich. stop working for others, showing off that I have a great blog..
But, who are we kidding here. It is a lot more difficult to achieve the latter reasons and most probably not with a blog.

My Rule Number 1

Be sincere when you blog.
I believe I have read this somewhere on the net. Probably on "The Lost Art of Blogging" For me it is the only way to get some sentences out of my head which make sense. I am not saying that you can't make up stories. For me being sincere and  honest when I blog means to write with my heart and soul.  It means to enjoy when I am writing and not just put some lines together for the sake of it.
So, this is step number 1 and off we go...

My First success

The number of visitors increased for the first time ever after I applied some tips from a very good "how to" blog and implemented some basic Search Engine Optimisation steps.

First, I learned step by step how to add meta-tags for pages. I have already forgotten how to do it and will have to go back. I have learned that it is very important to have it also done on the posts. I have also managed to add a bookmarking  button following the explanations. 

diggit if you like it