15 May 2015

Caught in the Vatican

Believe it or not. I almost got arrested in the Vatican.
As a proper backpacker once I got to Rome I wanted to see the Vatican from inside.
At the entrance after a long cue my turn came to pass the metal detectors. You know, the once you see at the airports or in the movies.
Well, an than it happened, two gentleman in dressed up like the agents in Matrix, tall with sunglasses and that little earplug hanging on their ears approached me and told me in a nice but firm way to please follow them into a room.
I was kind of shocked and did not know what to say but there was little I could do.

Once in the room the show me my backpack and ask me if I know that no weapons are allowed inside the Vatican.
I turned red and said that of course I would know and I do not have anything on me or inside of my backpack that could be a weapon.
They ask me twice if I am sure. I confirmed.
Than one of these two gentlemen put the hand inside of my backpack and pull out a huge knife.
And so it happened....I totally forgot that my dad gave me in the last minute a huge pocket knife with me so I can cut that slice of bread I bought before I did bord the train to Rome.
There was nothing I could say or do besides saying sorry and waiting for their verdict. They were actually nice and after they confiscated my huge breadknife I was even allowed to enter the vatican. Of course accompanied by one of the friendly guards for most of the part.

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