27 February 2010

From London to Brussels by Eurostar

Timetable 2010, 4 July - 10 December
For those who are interested in the latest timetable of  Eurostar's core destinations please see here for London - Brussels/Paris and return.

From London to Brussels in under two hours!
Well, that is what Eurostar promises. Let's see if it's true..:)

We are going to be in Brussels Midi Trainstation at 22:33 on the 29th July to celebrate Kristina's birthday.

We are taking the Eurostar for the first time ever. So, I think it will be quite exciting to enter the train in London and travel at high speed (hopefully at 2,000,000 km/h...:) just kidding) through a long tunnel under the little pond which separates the "island" from Europe and make British people think they are different.
Next stop will be Brussels Midi Train Station.

The Eurostar page confirmed that it will take exactly 1 hour and 59 min. Not 3 hours. Not 2 hours. It is going to be only1 hour and 59 min...
Let's see if that's true.
Back from Brussel's and I have to say that the Eurostar is quite punctual. I can't remember exactly if it stayed under the promised 2 hours but it certainly was a very nice and relaxing journey comparing to a flight. However, I wish the tickets were cheaper.

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