27 July 2009

How Difficult Is It To Find A Job in London?

Recently it came to my ears that finding a job in London is very difficult.
In my opinion I found it always very easy in comparison to other places in this world.
It is of course a unpleasant procedure one has to go through.
I guess a better question to answer to yourself is which kind of job would I like to do? What can I do? What am I ok with doing?
Updating your CVs, writing emails to agents, talking to agents, meeting agents. All this costs energy and is a job for itself. Dressing up and showing up at different companies takes the rest. And than the desperate waiting for the phone call. Will it be a YES we want you? Or just another "we found you are a very lovely person, however we have decided to go with someone else".

Anyways, here are some things which crossed my mind while thinking of the how and what to do when you are looking for a job:
  • decide that you want to do it and do it
  • ask around your colleagues or former colleagues
  • update your social network profile
  • keep track in a file which agents you have talked with and what about
  • make sure you have clothes to go for interviews
  • look at every contact as an opportunity to promote yourself (let them know that you exist)
  • try to budget (how much money do I have and how desperate do I need to be)
  • try to continue socializing
  • tell yourself and others that you are self employed (NOT unemployed)
  • if you start getting depressed think about how much more difficult it is in other places
  • take everything with a smile (it could be worse)

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