15 August 2013

Atomium in Brussels, Belgium

Yes, I have seen it. Even though from very far away. You can guess by the blurred image.

I wonder who came up with the idea to build it. It is however a cool piece of art. And it represents technology in my eyes.

It seems that it has been build for a world exposition in 1958. Pretty cool!

And the coolest thing ever is that it is possible for groups of children to book a night in one of the globes of the Atomicum. Great!
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14 August 2013

Your Fridge is Fuller Than Your Life

Kind of love this message someone managed to write on the floor in a tiny park somewhere in Brussels.

It is kind of true nowadays in the western world that we prefer to gather things and keep them than making friends and having conversations.

While running after filling up our 'fridge' we keep forgetting to live our life happily.

I say: go travel, visit places, meet people and live your life to the fullest! It does not matter that you do that on a small budget or with no money at all.

It is just important that you do it. Focus on filling up your life, not your fridge.

1 December 2010

San Sebastian, Spain - A short break on the Road

San Sebastian, Spain

Short break in San Sebastian for a fresh sea breeze and a gorgeous view. This city has plenty of places to hang out. Will need to return. Right now my journey has to continue towards the south. Hasta luego San Sebastian. Until next time.

15 August 2010

27 February 2010

From London to Brussels by Eurostar

Timetable 2010, 4 July - 10 December
For those who are interested in the latest timetable of  Eurostar's core destinations please see here for London - Brussels/Paris and return.

From London to Brussels in under two hours!
Well, that is what Eurostar promises. Let's see if it's true..:)

We are going to be in Brussels Midi Trainstation at 22:33 on the 29th July to celebrate Kristina's birthday.

We are taking the Eurostar for the first time ever. So, I think it will be quite exciting to enter the train in London and travel at high speed (hopefully at 2,000,000 km/h...:) just kidding) through a long tunnel under the little pond which separates the "island" from Europe and make British people think they are different.
Next stop will be Brussels Midi Train Station.

The Eurostar page confirmed that it will take exactly 1 hour and 59 min. Not 3 hours. Not 2 hours. It is going to be only1 hour and 59 min...
Let's see if that's true.
Back from Brussel's and I have to say that the Eurostar is quite punctual. I can't remember exactly if it stayed under the promised 2 hours but it certainly was a very nice and relaxing journey comparing to a flight. However, I wish the tickets were cheaper.

16 February 2010

On my way to Amsterdam

I'm preparing for a trip from London to Amsterdam. In order to make my journey more exciting I chose an unusual way. A boat. Actually it is going to be two trains a an overnight ferry. Let's see how it is going to turn out.
 And I'm back from funny Amsterdam. It is an interesting place with loads of  unusual things to see. Will write a bit more later.
Words popping into my head when thinking about Amsterdam; water, boats, channels, sex shops, tourists, clowns, birds, spacious, sinking building. People getting stoned.
Overall, one can find a vibrant city which still is able to transpond it's flair of a merchant city from the past. The center of the city is dominated by tourists, as it can be seen in many metropolises throughout Europe.  From the backpacking U.S. Americans to the couple from Russia. Everyone is there to find their kicks. Be it in form of getting legally stoned or be it to admire the art of   state civil engineering accomplishment of keeping the city 'above' sea level. I would certainly re-visit this turbulent city. However, I probably would chose a different season. I imagine that early summer could be very pleasant time  to do so.

11 February 2010

Valentine's Day....Again

It Valentine's Day again. It feels like yesterday I had all those TV  commercials breaking over my head like heavy wave. Buy this! Buy that! If you don't get something for your loved one You don't care!
Don't forget that this day once meant to be a quiet and peaceful day and not a "oh, my god I forgot to buy something" day.
I say you should enjoy your Sunday. Take a walk with your loved one, pick some flowers and spend some quality time together.
In the end that is all what it should be about.

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