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I love to get around and the fastest way to do that is at the moment at least by airplane. I have started a list of airline websites one can book directly from. Since I am love to more as much as possible with which airline I am flying I usually book directly from them.Depending in which country of Europe you are you might need to know different air companies which can fly you around. It is not always easy to figure out which airline provides you which the best offer in a particular country. Or do you know what the biggest no-frills airline in Brazil? So here we go.

If you are in Spain, Italy, France

GIF Spagna 728x90 might want to look at this a bit newer airline called Volotea. They seem to have a couple of good deals.

Well, I thought I should research more about airlines and where they fly. Therefore I have started a website where one should be able to choose by airline and destination his or her flight ticket.
This is the website>>>>
The website is always work in progress. It might look good and be useful one day...

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I you are looking more into the Eastern European Destinations might want to check out Czech Airlines. This company provides direct flights to destination throughout Europe. However, they also fly direct to destination where other companies miss to provide a service.
Cheap flights across europe with czech airlines

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