16 February 2010

On my way to Amsterdam

I'm preparing for a trip from London to Amsterdam. In order to make my journey more exciting I chose an unusual way. A boat. Actually it is going to be two trains a an overnight ferry. Let's see how it is going to turn out.
 And I'm back from funny Amsterdam. It is an interesting place with loads of  unusual things to see. Will write a bit more later.
Words popping into my head when thinking about Amsterdam; water, boats, channels, sex shops, tourists, clowns, birds, spacious, sinking building. People getting stoned.
Overall, one can find a vibrant city which still is able to transpond it's flair of a merchant city from the past. The center of the city is dominated by tourists, as it can be seen in many metropolises throughout Europe.  From the backpacking U.S. Americans to the couple from Russia. Everyone is there to find their kicks. Be it in form of getting legally stoned or be it to admire the art of   state civil engineering accomplishment of keeping the city 'above' sea level. I would certainly re-visit this turbulent city. However, I probably would chose a different season. I imagine that early summer could be very pleasant time  to do so.

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